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Three nice fellows came from Eastern Europe to NY and founded a glass company in 2006. Today it is a full-blown service ranging from custom glass installations to exquisite antique mirrors and glass railing systems, and everything else involving glass and mirrors.

We have been working hard to be one of the kind in this field.
We wouldn't be successful without our qualified team of technicians and designers from all New York area and without reliable vendors providing us with quality materials to make your homes and business spaces shine bright.
We work with all kinds of glass, Starphire, tempered glass, regular glass, and plexiglass. We offer an unlimited options of tints, varieties, and shapes.

Starphire is the ultimate in ultra-clear low-iron glass technology. It brings the clarity that conventional glass simply cannot match. Windows, walls or roofs made of this glass allow you to see the beauty of the outdoors, not the glass. Starphire glass shower doors does not have the green tint that regular clear glass has.

Tempered glass is very strong and thick compared to a regular one. It is also very safe as it leaves only non-cutting pieces if broken. This type of glass is great for entrances and storefronts, balconies, gyms, swimming pools, bathrooms, exhibitions, and other safety and security glass applications.
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